New Year’s Resolutions

With every season comes an ending and a beginning.  As the new year approaches, we tend to look back and evaluate where we have been and where we are going.  As we look back, our mind may beat us up for broken promises we made to others and ourselves and goals we did not attain.  The ego mind’s need for comparison and absolutes keeps us in victim mode.  We then become a victim of our circumstances and we feel helpless.  But all is not lost.  Looking back can give us some perspective if we are open to the lesson that the past has taught us.   The goal in this journey called life is to grow and evolve.

The future is the keeper of all things possible.  We make resolutions of everything we wish to accomplish and attain whether it be weight loss, a new career, a new house, or a new relationship.  However, if those things are not attained, we become disappointed and are hard on ourselves.  Instead of making resolutions on what we want to attain; what if we make resolutions on how we want to feel.  Because in the end we want what we want because we want to feel the emotion that the item makes us feel.  If we make the resolution to feel more gratitude, we can create experiences that will cultivate gratitude.  This can be as simple as being out in nature more and experiencing the beauty that our higher power has created.  This is a win-win situation as you are not only cultivating gratitude which will attract more things into your life to be grateful for, but you are stepping into your power as a conscious creator.

I invite you this new year to make resolutions of feelings and emotions you want to experience.  When you look back in 2024 to your 2023 resolutions, I bet you won’t feel disappointed as to what you did not attain.  Try keeping a journal or jar so in 2024 you can look back at all the experiences that you co-created.  After all, isn’t it the experiences and memories that we create in life that make it worthwhile.


Natalie Gervasio CSLC

Certified Spiritual and Mindfulness Life Coach