About Mindfulness and Meditation Guidance

Meditation has nothing to do with a specific religion.  It is about focusing and quieting the mind to go deep within yourself.    
One of the myths of meditation is that your mind has to be free of thoughts.  The mind’s job is to think so thoughts will come and go.  
Mindfulness is about taking yourself off autopilot to really experience and appreciate every moment of life.  
Mindfulness and Meditation have a multitude of benefits including combating the dangerous effects chronic stress has on the body and mind which include psychological and physical ailments.  

My blog about the 5 Myths of Meditation will demystify what meditation is and isn’t.  


The Key to change and transformation is awareness.

We cannot change what we are not aware of.

How Meditation Guidance Works


Sessions are also done remotely and are approximately 45 minutes.

To learn the history and differences between Western Style (Mindfulness) and Eastern Style (Concentration) meditation and practice each style so that you find which style will be most beneficial for you.  You will learn about the dangerous effects that stress has on the mind and body and how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work. 

There have been many studies on how meditation has been scientifically proven to combat the effects that stress has on the body.

Read my blog on the 5 Myths of Meditation

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