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Spiritual Life Coaching and Western/Eastern Mediation Guidance

The Journey Within is not affiliated with any one religion. Spiritual Life Coaching is about you having the courage to go within yourself to see what your negative belief are and how they are holding you back. It is about empowering the adult you and nurturing your inner child so you can heal those parts of you that are scared, angry, and lack confidence. This is done using an array of different techniques and exercises including The Forgiveness Exercise, Self-Parenting Exercise, Parental Idealization, and Emotional Enmeshment Exercise just to name a few. You will also learn about concepts such as the Ego Mind, The Language of Feelings, Spiritual Relationships, and Boundary Mastery.

The Key to chnage and transformation is awareness.

We cannot change what we are not aware of.

How Life Coaching Works in Post 2020

Session are 60 minutes and are done remotely via telephone. This gives you the convenience and comfort of you being in your own home where you can feel relaxed. Having life-coaching session via telephone means I am not bound to just the South Jersey area. I have enough flexibility in my schedule to be able to help clients from different time zones.The frequency of sessions depends on you. I find that either weekly or every other week works well.

There is a workbook that we will work from. There will be readings and exercises to complete in between your sessions. Not to worry. I totally understand that we all live busy lives. The number of questions to answer will be minimal. I will choose the questions that you are to complete. The purpose of these readings/exercises is to bring awareness to beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that you may have gone unconscious to. To bring these thoughts and beliefs to the surface so we can take a look at them and how they affected your life that you may not even be aware of.

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